What You Can Do

  1. Volunteer
    • Help with fundraising and grant applications, make website updates, tutor in English or Spanish, work with children’s reading classes, help us with community awareness.
  2. Make a generous donation and become a monthly partner.
  3. Host a Home Party and invite our Director, in order to help spread the word about HFC.
  4. Like us on facebook:  Facebook
  5. Go to www.krogercommunityrewards.com and sign up using your Kroger Plus Card number. Then, each time you make purchases at Kroger, they will make a donation to HFC!

YOUR partnership with us makes all the difference! It currently costs us $125 each month to provide educational classes and services for one family. Your financial support enables us to make that life-changing impact for children and their parents. You keep our program going with your donations. Thank you!

Our other needs:

  • Office supplies (printer paper, printer ink, etc.)
  • 1-2 laptop computers
  • Classroom supplies (notebook paper, pens, pencils, dry-erase markers, etc.)

Hispanic Family Center is a 501c3 organization and will provide donation receipts for your tax records.

Hispanic Family Center is motivated by compassion, committed to excellence, and dedicated to offering hope to Latino families in Middle Tennessee.  We all know that literacy education is one of our basic needs and empowers us in many ways. It enriches our lives, gives us hope and self-worth, and provides tools to become better parents and valuable members of our community.  Hispanic Family Center’s mission is to provide this vital life enrichment for Hispanic families in our community.